Renewals Vary by State.

Renewal requirements for your Business Start-Up or LLC are dependent upon guidelines set forth by the state in which the entity was established. Although it may be customary for a state department to require an entity’s renewal on an Annual basis (either during the month in which it was formed or another designated due date) other states require an entity to be renewed by May 1st or sometime during the 2nd Quarter after the Anniversary month during which the entity was established. Sound Confusing?

Now... consider having to track the due date, calculate fees and meet the deadline of every state in which your company is registered or conducting business.

Corporate Minutes, Inc. will...

• Act as your Registered Agent - Track, Prepare & TIMELY process Renewals!

• Reduce/Eliminate LATE FEES & Penalties!

• Offer Reinstatement Solutions and return a company to ACTIVE status

• Develop a PLAN to save you time, resources and money

• Legally establish your business in another state

• Assist with Obtaining/Renewing Contractor Licenses

“Unless an organization has the resources to assign this responsibility to someone who is knowledgeable and well-versed with respect to each state’s filing requirements, deadlines will be missed. As a result, it can be very difficult for a corporation to meet the criteria in an efficient and cost-effective manner for each state in which it has a presence. Corporate Minutes, Inc. confirms in which state(s) an organization must register and renew, and tracks the deadlines to help prevent late fees, penalties and Dissolution of the company – an expensive consequence so often the result of a missed deadline.”

A business owner’s focus is always to improve the bottom line of the organization – something Corporate Minutes, Inc. directly impacts. Corporate Minutes, Inc. helps to reduce the amount of fees, penalties and associated costs the company may have previously had to pay to remain in Good Standing.

Corporate Minutes, Inc.‘s ability to determine, track and meet YOUR FILING DEADLINES will result in saved time, money and resources for your business!

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