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About Corporate Minutes, Inc.

Corporate Minutes, Inc. was founded in 1998 to help business owners navigate their business compliance. Keeping businesses on the right track has never been a sideline for us; it is at the core of what we do.

Achieving your goals starts with mapping the right course from the very beginning. As your business grows, we are right beside you, helping you spot opportunities and avoid obstacles. Move forward with confidence, knowing your business has a solid foundation and your overall compliance is handled.

Our more than 20 years’ experience gives us unmatched understanding of business regulations. With CMI by your side, you won't need to worry about changing rules. We stay on top of requirements, deadlines, and opportunities so you can focus on doing what you love. When you’re ready to apply for certifications or financing, the documents you need will be up-to-date and available when you need them.

CMI’s advisory services can open your eyes to opportunities you didn’t know existed. The knowledge you gain as a CMI client can take your business in exciting directions beyond your imagination.

“Professionals who don’t specialize in compliance are just playing at it. CMI really knows what they’re doing.”

Put your business on the right path.


Laura Wilcox founded Corporate Minutes, Inc. as a small business resource for business owners.  When you feel lost, Laura is the guide who takes you where you want to be.  She believes a CMI client is a business owner who is prepared for anything.

Laura is committed to helping clients understand how their businesses work so they may achieve their full potential. Her extensive network connects clients with the professional services they need to reach their goals.

Meeting with Laura is like meeting a friend for coffee. She listens to your questions and gives you clear, honest answers after which you will feel excited, empowered, and confident you are on the right track.

Laura lives in Michigan. and loves gardening, pickleball, boating, home improvement projects, snowmobiling and finding ways to keep her Portuguese Water Dog, Gander, entertained and exercised.  Laura has a passion for service.  She likes to be active in her community and volunteer her time and talents to those looking for support and who would benefit from her efforts.


With great organization of proper documentation, a CMI client will have what they need, when they need it. 

  • Starting a New Business
    THANK YOU for the advice and ideas you offered when I was starting my new business. Making sure I was working with the right people, at the right time, was key in my ability to transition out of my corporate job into business ownership. You took the time listen to my plan and offer additional things to think about after seeking advice from my Attorney and Accountant. Having Corporate Minutes, Inc. in my corner tracking my renewals is also an invaluable service - Thank you!
  • Registered Agent Services – No Missed Deadlines
    One of the most commonly unmet requirements is keeping R/A information current with the state. This will result in missed filings, and possibly DISSOLUTION of your legal entity — Why take that risk?!?! - MICHAEL
  • Accountants, CPAs and Financial Services Firms!"
    CPAs, Accountants and Financial Service firms have found a service organization that provides the level of personalized service and client communication they can trust! - BRUCE J.
  • Loan Processing Made Easy
    Applying for or renewing a business loan is something that should be as easy as 1-2-3! However, missed details can cause a hiccup and delay the process. Having everything in its place and ready to produce when needed is a wonderful thing! “We went to verify our client was in Good Standing, with the State who showed he had not filed and was “not in good standing”. Unfortunately my client assumed his accountant or attorney had handled this. Realizing we needed this done immediately, I thought of Corporate Minutes, Inc. I was so impressed…you were able to rectify the situation and, by the time I returned from lunch, I had proof my client’s issue was resolved. We were able to process his loan request and my customer was very pleased! I will continue to recommend you and your firm to my associates and clients.
  • Business Certification – It’s in the Details!
    Getting your Women/ Minority-Owned Certification Application approved is not a Quick N’ Easy process. It can go very smoothly however with proper documentation and planning. Without the help of Corporate Minutes, Inc., it is unlikely we would have been able to obtain our WBE Certification. We worked for two years inaccurately completing the application, gathering incorrect information and struggling to meet the various deadlines. Continuing on our own would have disqualified us altogether. Only with the help of Corporate Minutes, Inc. were we able to understand the nuances and submit information in a thorough and timely fashion. This is what truly allowed us to earn the WBE. Corporate Minutes, Inc. has been an invaluable resource to our corporation.
  • Compliance with Peace of Mind
    Why bother TRYING to keep up with the deadlines of ALL the states in which you operate? Outsourcing the responsibility to a highly dependable and knowledgeable firm can make all the difference — especially in your bottom line!
  • Operate your business without frustration
    Startnig a new business can be a confusing and frustrating experience IF you don’t hire the right people to take care of all the details! Corporate Minutes, Inc. pointed me in the right direction so I could work with a professional for each area of my business.
  • From Finish!
    Being aware of all the “gotchas” is almost impossible when running a business. It can be even more involved when trying to properly maintain your corporate records and then having to find what you need when you need it - Don't try and do it on your own!
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