CPAs and Lenders, we partner with you on your client’s business.

Corporate Minutes, Inc. (CMI) successfully partners with CPA’s and lenders to keep the process moving forward. 

We work with you and your clients to help ensure all the documentation necessary for a loan, audit or registration is filed and accessible -- when you need it – we help keep projects moving and on time!

We specialize in...

Business Formations / Start-Ups

Do you want a professional and reliable resource to handle business registration and record maintenance requirements for your clients? We streamline the process by partnering with you and your client to manage the details vital to a successful launch and provide your office with a uniquely-assembled “comprehensive packet” of prepared and processed registrations including government confirmations.


Has your client found themselves in a “state of Dissolution” due to non-payment of their franchise taxes? CMI will take the steps necessary to confirm and validate current information and process the items necessary to bring them back into good standing!

Out of State Registrations

Are your clients properly registered in all the states in which they operate? Do your clients meet the “physical presence” criteria unique to each state in which they are conducting business? CMI will verify how and when an organization must register for each state in which they wish to expand their operations. We will then monitor each renewal deadline, prepare & file the appropriate documents and keep your client on track – without late fees and penalties.

Annual Renewals (All States)

Do your clients have difficulty in maintaining a good standing status? CMI tracks every client’s renewal deadline, timely prepares and processes the required renewals – eliminating the need for your client to track multiple renewals and the possibility of late fees or penalties from being incurred.

Annual Meeting Minutes / D & O Resolutions

Are your clients aware of the federal requirement to conduct and properly document their Annual Meeting of Shareholders & Directors? And…are they doing it? Have they experienced the many benefits of being able to produce properly prepared Minutes? CMI specializes in focusing on the details – We prepare customized Corporate Minutes tailored to each client’s situation and circumstances – resulting in legal documentation reflecting prior activity and management decisions, as well as the current status of the organization’s ownership, management and confirmed authorities.

Proof of Ownership / Owner Agreements

This information can prove to be invaluable and, in many cases, plays an instrumental part in preventing a lawsuit from even being considered. Providing substantiated “proof” of prior or current ownership of an organization can be a frustrating and a costly endeavor to pursue – especially if the information is needed to prepare year-end taxes or quickly to approve a loan, satisfy an audit or settle a legal dispute. CMI goes the extra mile to ensure Stock Certificates are issued, cancelled, properly transferred and the Stock Ledger is always up-to-date.

Registered Agent Services (All States)

In almost every instance, the cause of a client who finds itself in a “Not Good Standing” or “Administratively Dissolved” status is a direct result of having the wrong Registered Agent on file with the state. Or, even worse, the R/A appointed fails to handle documents it receives on the company’s behalf in a responsible, professional and efficient manner. CMI is unwavering in its commitment to accept this responsibility and take it seriously – preventing a series of events and associated costs from being triggered – saving your client valuable time, resources and money.

Record Management Services

Documentation when you need it. CMI securely archives important records resulting in your client’s documents being easily accessible when working with you, their lender attorney or other professional provider. When obtaining a loan, preparing for an audit or lawsuit or discussing steps necessary for effective succession planning, they will need to produce their corporate records.
Our In-House Record Retention & Distribution Service offers secure archiving and delivery to owners who want the security of having a back-up of their corporate records. Upon authorization, a document retained by our office can be produced to yours -- we want to be there to provide the documents you will need to continue doing business with your client.

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Rest assured that the proper documentation is prepared and available when needed.

Our Services Include...

Comprehensive Business Formation Packages

CMI will manage all aspects of launching your new business (ALL STATES).

Annual Compliance Programs

Ensure entities remain State and Federally compliant.

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Business Management Services

Provide third party expertise – neutral perspective.

Record Organization, Retention & Delivery

Prepare, systematize and deliver vital information – when you need it. 


Business License

CMI will determine the type of license your business will require and the proper channels to obtain it.

Business Certification

Determine eligibility to acquire the appropriate certification, manage entire process of Application preparation and submission (City/State/County/WBENC). Learn More


Registered Agent Services

Fulfill State requirement by servicing as conduit between the company and government agencies.


Contractor’s Licenses

Assist in obtaining and renewing contractor’s licenses.


Growth Strategies and Road Mapping

Identify the necessary process for future growth.