Giving CPAs, Attorneys and Lenders a way to keep clients organized

The business documents you need, ready when you need them

There are few things more frustrating for a professional provider than having a routine process grind to a halt because their client is missing important documents.

When your client comes aboard as a CMI client, we keep them organized and on track with their compliance and record maintenance. We’ll handle the details of your clients’ compliance and maintain a secure archive of up-to-date corporate records.


When certain information is needed to proceed with a tax filing, loan application, or other proceeding, we will help you have what is needed when you need it.

“Our client was not in good standing with the state because he never filed. He had assumed his accountant or attorney had handled this. …Corporate Minutes, Inc. was able to rectify the situation immediately. By the time I returned from lunch I had proof my client’s issue was resolved and we were able to process his loan request.”

Get clients organized and up to date
  • Business registrations

  • Corporate minutes

  • Proof of ownership documents

  • Stock certificates and stock ledger

  • Filing and renewal deadline reminders

  • Facilitation and recording of annual meetings

  • Secure in-house record archive

  • Registered agent services

Keeping your clients compliant

Successful Start-Ups

Your do your part in getting your client's business started on the right track. We work with them to review their new business registrations and coordinate with your office to ensure their documentation is complete -- It's then they will have a clear shot to success. Your office receives a comprehensive packet of processed paperwork, including government confirmations so everyone is on the same page.

Annual Renewals

Your clients will never miss a deadline when they trust CMI to handle their renewals. We track renewal deadlines, prepare and process all paperwork, protecting your client from late fees and penalties.

Annual Meeting Minutes

Fewer than half the businesses in the U.S. meet the federal requirement for an annual meeting, creating headaches for professional providers like you.

Your client will have no problem producing up-to-date corporate minutes when they work with us. We schedule and run the annual meeting, then we prepare and properly document the corporate minutes.

Proof of Ownership

Providing verified proof of ownership can be confusing and expensive if you don’t know which path to take to get the documentation you need. The stress is compounded when these documents are needed in a hurry to file taxes, an audit, get a loan approved, apply for a business certification, or respond to a lawsuit.

Avoid the stress altogether by partnering with CMI. We take care of all the details, making sure ownership is documented in the right places -- stock certificates – minutes – ownership ledger and consistent to help any process move smoothly .

Registered Agent Services

Most cases of a business losing its good standing are the result of a registered agent failure. Either the wrong registered agent is on file, or the agent fails to properly handle documents on their client’s behalf.

Corporate Minutes is steadfast in our commitment to protect our clients’ good standing status. We take our role as registered agent seriously. We have the experience and expertise to handle documents efficiently, saving valuable time, money, and resources.

Record Management

Your clients need never again scramble to find the most up-to-date document. Corporate Minutes securely archives important records so they are easily accessible when needed.

Your clients can arrange to easily get you the documents you need when you need them. Our in-house record retention and distribution service can provide documents directly to professionals with our client’s authorization. Your client can streamline services by removing themselves as the middleman.


Rest assured that the proper documentation is prepared and available when needed.

Our Services Include...

Comprehensive Business Formation Packages

Put your business on the right track from the very start. Learn More

Annual Compliance Programs

Take the stress out of managing your corporate compliance. Learn More

Business Management Consulting

Get a neutral, third-party perspective from an expert with decades of experience.

Record Organization, Retention & Delivery

Keep your corporate records up to date, organized, and easy to access. 


Business Licensing

Get the licenses you need but not until you need them and then keep them up to date and active.

Business Certification

Take your business to new heights with a business certification.  We not only first confirm your eligibility but then guide you through and handle the entire application process. Learn More

Registered Agent Services

Your registered agent is the link between your business and the government; work with CMI to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Contractor’s Licenses

Get the licenses you need and keep them up to date and active in every state you do business.


Growth Strategies and Road Mapping

Put your business in a position to reach new heights and plan the steps you need to get there.