Never worry about your business compliance again

The busier you are, the more stressful business compliance becomes.


You already have so much on your plate. You don’t have time to worry about when your renewal needs to be filed. When you’re running a business, filling out forms you barely understand feels like the least productive use of your time.

Stop worrying about corporate filings. When you partner with Corporate Minutes, Inc., you free up your time to focus on growing your business. As business compliance specialists, we have a depth of knowledge that can’t be matched by professionals who offer compliance as a sideline. You can be confident the right steps are being taken at the right time to save you from fines, penalties, and delinquencies.

“I don’t have time to worry about this stuff. CMI handles what I don’t want to do so I can focus on the things I need to do.”

Get your business compliance handled
Keep heading in the right direction

As your business grows, your business compliance becomes more complex. Just when you think you’ve got the regulations figured out something changes.

There are a lot of distractions that can pull a growing business off course. CMI is the compass that points you home. You’ll get gentle reminders when filing deadlines are approaching. We handle all the details of your annual meeting. We keep on top of changes to state requirements and how they affect you. When doors open to new opportunities, we help you create strategies to take full advantage.

CMI does more than handle your paperwork. We help you plan a path to success – then we help you travel it.

Our compliance programs include:

  • Analyzing your business structure

  • Outlining what you need to keep your business in good standing

  • Preparing, processing, and tracking corporate filings

  • Reminding you of deadlines and due dates

  • Scheduling and leading your annual meeting

  • Maintaining your corporate minutes

  • Helping companies return to a good standing status

  • Managing in-state and out-of-state registrations and licenses

  • Maintaining and archiving corporate records

  • Assessing eligibility for business-owned certification and overseeing the certification process

  • Acting as your registered agent

  • Archiving your corporate records and making them ready when you need them

  • Mapping strategies for growth

Plan your path to success today

We focus on...

Guidance to Help You Grow

When you come aboard as a CMI Client, you have access to comprehensive business tools and expertise.

Business Analysis

Your business’s growth potential is tied to how it was established – from the type of entity you chose to the scope of your operations and the states in which you may operate. We analyze your business’s past and present to recommend the best path to the future.

Your assessment will tell you if you meet all your compliance requirements today and alert you to anything you may have missed. We will review the ongoing requirements you need to effectively support your business and how we can help you meet them.

Corporate Records Upkeep

Your business is required to maintain certain records to satisfy state, federal and professional license regulations. You don’t need to struggle with a packet of forms – Corporate Minutes will prepare and process your required documents to help ensure things are filed timely and in place.

On-Time Renewals

Missing your renewal deadline can cost you in late fees and other penalties. You have enough to worry about day to day without remembering when your renewal paperwork is due. Corporate Minutes tracks the renewal deadlines for every state where you do business. We make sure your paperwork is completed, processed, and filed on time to keep your business in good standing.

Annual Meeting Management

Every corporation is required by law to hold and document an annual meeting of shareholders and directors. If your business is audited or sued, being unable to produce your corporate minutes is a strike against you.

Leave the details up to us. We will schedule and run your annual meeting. We prepare customized minutes just for you, satisfying your legal requirements and giving you a tool to inform your future strategy.

Good Standing Maintenance

Every state has different requirements for each businesses conducting business. If you operate business across state lines, you have multiple regulations, fees, and deadlines to track. We take the hassle out of compliance. We keep track of all your government requirements and work in partnership with you to help ensure your renewals are filed on time.

Registration and Licensing Management

We keep your registrations up to date with - even across state lines. If your business needs a license, we make sure you meet all the criteria to operate without interruption.

If you operate in one state now but have a vision to expand, we help you put the pieces in place to hit the ground running.

Registered Agent Services

Your registered agent is the official link between your business and the state. When you appoint Corporate Minutes to act as your registered agent, important legal and compliance documents will be handled quickly and correctly, with minimal stress.

Bylaw and Operating Agreement Safekeeping

Your bylaws or operating agreement are the backbone of your company’s operations. We keep your documents in order and can make them ready to produce if you need them for a special project or potential investor.

Business Certification Assistance

Being certified as minority owned, veteran owned or woman owned business can open doors to new business and funding opportunities. The certification process is rigorous, and eligibility rules strict. We can determine if you are eligible for a business-owned certification and, if you are, we will help you develop a plan of action to give your business the best chance of being approved. Learn more

We can help you apply for:

  • Women-Owned Certification (WBE)
  • Minority-Owned Certification (MBE)
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
  • Universal or National Certification (WBENC)

Protecting your company is an every day focus for CMI.

Our Services Include...

Comprehensive Start-up Advice

Put your business on the right track from the very start by learning with whom you must partner to successfully launch your new business.

Learn More

Annual Compliance Programs

Take the stress out of managing your corporate compliance.

Learn More

Business Management Consulting

Get a neutral, third-party perspective from an expert with decades of experience.

Record Organization, Retention & Delivery

Keep your corporate records up to date, organized, and easy to access. 


Business Licensing

Get the licenses you need but not until you need them and then keep them up to date and active.

Business Certification

Take your business to new heights with a business certification.  We not only first confirm your eligibility but then guide you through and handle the entire application process. Learn More


Registered Agent Services

Your registered agent is the link between your business and the government; work with CMI to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.


Contractor’s Licenses

Get the licenses you need and keep them up to date and active in every state you do business.


Growth Strategies and Road Mapping

Put your business in a position to reach new heights and plan the steps you need to get there.