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Do you know what is required for your business to remain legally compliant and protected?CMI has experiential knowledge of the business environment relating to overall compliance.  We specialize in ensuring business owners fulfill ongoing state & federal filings and renewal obligations to not only remain in “good standing” but also proactively assess the business and realize opportunities for efficiencies.

We specialize in...

Structure Analysis, Review & Assessment

The manner in which a business is established will vary – from the type of entity formed and the scope of its operations to the state in which it plans to conduct business. Do you have a clear understanding of what requirements you need to meet? CMI will examine, in great detail, the history and current status of your business to identify the requirements being satisfied and those possibly being overlooked. CMI will then assess ongoing requirements to which you, an owner, and the corporation must adhere to remain protected under the company’s umbrella.

Corporate Record Preparation & Processing

Are you aware of the requirements put upon the business by the State and Federal governments and how to go about satisfying the criteria? CMI will prepare and process the required records and ensure they are in place allowing you to take full advantage of the benefits.

Annual Renewals (All States)

Do you have difficulty in maintaining a good standing status? CMI tracks every state’s renewal deadline, timely prepares and processes the required renewals – eliminating the need for you to track multiple renewals and the possibility of incurring late fees or penalties.

Annual Meeting Minutes / D & O Resolutions

Are you aware of the federal requirement to conduct and properly document an Annual Meeting of Shareholders & Directors? Have you experienced the many benefits of being able to produce properly prepared Minutes? CMI specializes in focusing on the details – We prepare customized Corporate Minutes tailored to your situation and circumstances – resulting in legal documentation reflecting prior activity and management decisions, as well as the current status of the organization’s ownership, management and confirmed authorities.

Reinstatement Solutions

If your company has been dissolved, work with CMI to return to a Good Standing status!

Federal & State Requirements

Each state’s requirements differ – from the information required to file a renewal form to its filing fees, frequency and deadlines. Do you know when your business renewals are due? We manage the details – you stay in “good standing” without interruption to your business.

Registrations & Licensing (including Out-of-State)

Are you properly registered with all required government offices? Do you plan to expand operations or have a vision to sell products/services in another State? If so, it’s important to first examine the extent to which business will be conducted; CMI prepares & processes all necessary registrations to meet criteria for doing business within and outside your “home” State.

Registered Agent Services

Fulfill State requirement by servicing as conduit between the company and government agencies.

Bylaws/Operating Agreements

Can you easily produce the company’s current Bylaws or Operating Agreement, including subsequent updates? This document is the backbone of your company’s operations and should be readily available upon request of a lender, attorney or interested investor. We make a point of ensuring your documents are in order.

Business Certifications & Eligibility

Are you eligible to take advantage of a business-owned certification? First and foremost, we assess the company’s eligibility by evaluating the company’s history and current status. Then, we develop an action plan to improve the likelihood of obtaining certification.
• Women-Owned Certification (WBE)
• Minority-Owned Certification (MBE)
• Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
• Universal / National Certification (WBENC)

Corporate Record Management

Documentation when you need it. Corporate records are archived, secure and readily available when you need them. CMI securely archives important records resulting in them being easily accessible when working with your CPA, lender or attorney to obtain a loan, prepare for an audit or explore the steps necessary for effective succession planning. Additionally, our In-House Record Retention & Distribution Services offers secure archiving and delivery services to businesses who want the security of having a back-up of their corporate records. Upon authorization, a document retained by our office can be produced to an authorized professional provider, consultant or banker. In case your corporate records have been lost, stolen or destroyed in a fire, flood or other unforeseen circumstance, or you just need a copy, we want to be there to produce the documents you will need to continue doing business.

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Our Services Include...

Comprehensive Business Formation Packages

CMI will manage all aspects of launching your new business (ALL STATES).

Annual Compliance Programs

Ensure entities remain State and Federally compliant.

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Business Management Services

Provide third party expertise – neutral perspective.

Record Organization, Retention & Delivery

Prepare, systematize and deliver vital information – when you need it. 


Business License

CMI will determine the type of license your business will require and the proper channels to obtain it.

Business Certification

Determine eligibility to acquire the appropriate certification, manage entire process of Application preparation and submission (City/State/County/WBENC). Learn More


Registered Agent Services

Fulfill State requirement by servicing as conduit between the company and government agencies.


Contractor’s Licenses

Assist in obtaining and renewing contractor’s licenses.


Growth Strategies and Road Mapping

Identify the necessary process for future growth.