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The excitement of starting a new business can quickly turn to frustration when you are unprepared to navigate the sea of forms and regulations. Choosing a business structure, registering with the state, applying for a license – where do you even begin?

Corporate Minutes, Inc. is the compass that puts you on the right path. The decisions you make starting your business affect so many things as you grow in the future. CMI helps you to understand your options so you can feel confident in your choices.

For more than 20 years, CMI has been guiding clients from stressed out to self-assured. Rest easy knowing your business is registered, compliant, and on the path to success.

Turn confusion into clarity.

We make sure you're pointed in the right direction.

“Going in I had a business plan, but I knew literally nothing about the corporate side. I had no direction about what to do or what to file. It was a relief to meet with CMI and get help with all the steps I need to follow.”

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Building your business roadmap

What to expect from the New Business Assessment

The decisions you make when starting your business can come back to haunt you later. When you don’t understand all your options, you might choose a path which makes it difficult to get started without stress, leaves you open to liability, or costs you more not only in taxes but in time, energy and resources.

Corporate Minutes, Inc. helps you map out a smooth startup journey that saves money and avoids obstacles.


First, we’ll assess your vision and chart a course to get you from where you are to where you want to go.

Next, we’ll outfit you for your journey and guide you through the various paths you need to take and requirements you need to meet. CMI is your link to the various agencies with which you need to register and works with your other professional advisors to make sure every angle is covered.


Finally, we track the progress of your filings, teaching you about the process and choices you have along the way.

Sometimes the process may take a detour. CMI can help you answer questions specific to your business.​

Start-up questions

How should I structure my business?

One of the first decisions you will need to make when starting a business is how it will be structured – a decision which should not be made lightly as it will affect how you will (or will not) be able to operate your business as well as the manner in which you’ll need to pay taxes. We can explain some of the nuances of the options and then help you find the right professionals to best fit you and your long-term business goals.

How do I start a not-for-profit?

There are several unique steps which are required to thoroughly register a not-for-profit organization. A proper structure is key to obtaining an IRS tax-exempt classification, protecting your mission as well as the organization’s supporters. We can help you make sure you know the steps involved in properly registering your NFP organization and the professionals you'll need to rely upon to allow future projects can progress as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Should I operate under an assumed name?

Sometimes it can make sense to operate your business under a different name from what is reflected on your Articles. There are procedures which must be followed when operating under a different business name; we can discuss your plans, if promoting your business by using a different name is appropriate and advise of next steps to get it secured.

What is an EIN?

Your EIN – employer identification number – is like a Social Security number for your business. It’s the identification number the IRS (and every other institution with whom you’ll be working) uses to identify your business. After obtaining your EIN, it will be important for you to know how and when it should be used.

Does my business need a license?

Business licensing varies from industry to industry and state to state. Depending on where you operate and what you do, you may need a license to do business. We can help you navigate the requirements for each state and develop a plan to get you properly registered and keep you in good standing.

Can I get a business certification?

Business certifications give a boost to businesses owned by certain groups. Being certified as a minority-owned, veteran-owned or woman-owned business can open doors to new business and funding opportunities. The certification process is rigorous, though. You can waste a lot of time and money trying to navigate it yourself. We will guide you through certification so you have your best chance of success.

How do I register with the government?

Your business may need to register with the state and federal governments to be officially recognized. If a step is missed in this process, you could experience a disruption in your business or pay a penalty when tax time rolls around. We can help you ensure the right registrations are considered and in place when needed.

Do I need bylaws or an operating agreement?

Bylaws and operating agreements outline the rules that govern your business. These documents keep everyone involved in the business – partners, directors, or members – on the same page and accountable to the same rules. It’s important you have them in place and ready to produce.

How do I get a reseller or sales tax ID?

A reseller permit or license is a tax advantage for businesses that buy products with the intention of reselling them. A sales tax ID allows you to collect sales tax from your customers. If your business sells products, we help you ensure you are collecting the necessary taxes.

How do I start a payroll?

There is much to be considered when starting payroll, even if you are a business of one. We strategize with you and your professional providers to come up with the perfect payroll plan!

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When you have a question about your health, you ask a doctor. When you have a question about your car, you ask a mechanic.

When you have a question about starting a new business, ask Corporate Minutes.

Your neighbor, family member, or best friend might have an opinion on how you should start your business. But do they really know? CMI’s advice is the most comprehensive and up to date you will find, based on more than two decades of specializing in guiding business owners through the process.  You get clear explanations, step-by-step guidance and a reliable network of resources of other professionals to help to achieve your business goals.

None of the other resources you’ve considered can give you everything CMI has to offer:

  • Expert guidance through your startup journey

  • Help you understand there are different corporate structures

  • An overview of the steps needed to establish your business

  • Guidance to get the most from your relationships with your bank, accountant, and attorney

  • Reminders of due dates and deadlines

  • Explanation of government applications

  • Help in applying for and renewing licenses

  • Assist with business-owned certifications

  • Maintenance of your corporate records so documents are ready when you need them

  • Registered agent services

  • Strategies for future growth

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