Starting a new business or non-profit today? 
What will it look like tomorrow?

We realize you can’t foresee the future, but Corporate Minutes, Inc. helps new business owners realize how the decisions made now will affect your business down the road.  Our process starts with a New Business Start-Up Assessment to help you understand the details of starting and maintaining a corporate entity for the long term. Setting-up a corporation online may seem simple, but without the proper know-how some decisions made now will lead to significant difficulties in the future.

Starting a new business can be nerve-racking but with CMI we’ve got you covered. Schedule an Initial Consultation to discuss your business.

What can you expect during the New Business Start-Up Assessment?

1) Review your business plan to understand the vision for your business. CMI identifies key components specific to your New Business Start-Up to ensure it is formed correctly from the start.

2) Outline the various filing requirements and government agencies that must be notified before your business will be considered legally formed and its name should be put on a business card, contract or company vehicle.

3) Identify additional obligations applicable to your company’s framework. Have you considered?

Type of Structure

What may be the benefits of structuring your company as an “S”Corp, “C” Corp or LLC? What are the differences – how can each affect your individual situation?


Will the organization pursue a 501© Tax Exemption from the IRS? What other registrations are necessary to fulfill ALL requirements?

d/b/a or Assumed Name

How to use a different name and remain protected from lawsuits and potentially forced name changes?


What is it? More importantly, how and when is the best time to acquire one?

Business License

Does your Business require a License?

Business Certification

What are the different Business Certifications (Women/Minority/Disadvantaged/Federal/Veteran? Why is it important to form your business right from the start?

State & Federal Registrations

How and when do the registrations need to be filed?

Bylaws / Operating Agreement

When are Bylaws & an Operating Agreement needed? Who does them?

Re-Seller / Tax ID#

Do I need one? When is the best time to apply?

Payroll Registration

Why do I need to think about payroll now? I’m just forming my company.

Expansion & Growth

Do you have a vision to sell your products/services in other states? Develop a step-by-step action plan for your new business start-up.

Schedule a New Business Start-Up Assessment today.

Structuring your company on a solid foundation is crucial for long-term growth regardless of where you are doing business.

Our Services Include...

Comprehensive Business Formation Packages

CMI will manage all aspects of launching your new business (ALL STATES).

Annual Compliance Programs

Ensure entities remain State and Federally compliant.

Learn More

Business Management Services

Provide third party expertise – neutral perspective.

Record Organization, Retention & Delivery

Prepare, systematize and deliver vital information – when you need it. 


Business License

CMI will determine the type of license your business will require and the proper channels to obtain it.

Business Certification

Determine eligibility to acquire the appropriate certification, manage entire process of Application preparation and submission (City/State/County/WBENC). Learn More


Registered Agent Services

Fulfill State requirement by servicing as conduit between the company and government agencies.


Contractor’s Licenses

Assist in obtaining and renewing contractor’s licenses.


Growth Strategies and Road Mapping

Identify the necessary process for future growth.