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Are you a woman or minority thinking about starting a business? Or perhaps you already have a thriving business but are curious about pursuing a Business Certification. We've helped many eligible applicants navigate the path of eligibility requirements, assembling of the required information and apply for Certification to achieve this business distinction. 

"Sometimes being a woman owned business can feel overwhelming, but partnering with CMI was one of the best decisions. I can't tell you how many questions have been answered and the comfort I feel knowing my you know what is covered!"

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Business Certification Questions Answered

What does WBE Certified mean?

A business can be "woman-owned", but it doesn't mean it is woman-owned CERTIFIED -- a designation achieved after successfully navigating a stringent process of PROVING the business is owned, operated, managed and truly controlled by an eligible person/persons. You must make your way through an application process which requires specific documentation to PROVE you are, in fact, eligible -- documentation from when you first started your business to present day.

How do I get WBE certified?

It must first be determined from which agency obtaining Certification would best benefit your business; there are several to consider and from which to choose. Once the appropriate type of certification is determined, the eligibility criteria and application requirements must be confirmed and then met with meticulous detail and supporting documentation to help ensure an application is accepted.

How long does it take to get WBE certified?

Depending upon the agency you apply with for Certification will determine the length of time the entire process takes. The key is to know with which agency to apply first – especially if you will be pursuing the designation from more than one.

Business Certifications & Eligibility

Are you eligible to take advantage of a business-owned certification? First and foremost, we assess the company’s eligibility by evaluating the company’s history and current status. Then, we develop an action plan to improve the likelihood of obtaining certification.
• Women-Owned Certification (WBE)
• Minority-Owned Certification (MBE)
• Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
• Universal / National Certification (WBENC)

What will I need to apply for a WBE Certification?

A WBE applicant must prove their eligibility by providing documentation of how their business was initially started (including evidence of an owner’s initial contribution), proper authorizations supporting changes occurring since and information validating an applicant’s authority over all aspects of business operations.

Making your way through the application and gathering the necessary documentation (or having it prepared if it does not exist) can feel overwhelming.

If not prepared to produce ALL the documentation needed when beginning the process, the journey can become quite challenging and frustrating and ends with an application being denied.

Where is the best place to start to explore a WBE Certification?

You may contact a small business resource center, located at your local college, contact a local SCORE branch or contact Corporate Minutes, Inc. for an initial consultation to have many of your questions answered.

Forest Trees

With WBE certification your business will have access to more opportunities for growth.

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